Please find listed below a number of website links that we think you will find of interest, some are of particular interest to fans of NWOBHM and others are some of our own favourites. If you have your own website and would like a link from our site then please email us with your details. Please note we will check any sites for approval and ensure they are deemed suitable before processing a link on this website.  Diamond Head. The Official home of the Classic Rock/NWOBHM legends.  NWOBHM. The ultimate comprehensive website for fans and bands alike, it's all here !!  Witchfynde. Our metal friends and another great band from the era, still rockin' !!  Millennium Records. Mail order Rock & Metal Specialists, lots of NWOBHM.  GDM Records. Online & mail order Rock/Metal/NWOBHM specialists in the UK.  Go here to read first exclusive interview given by Rekuiem in years.  Here's the first review for the new album 'Time Will Tell' plus news on other metal outfits. The artwork designer of our great new album cover. Our friends and fellow rockers 'Shy' from the Midlands, UK. Check 'em out!